Takuya Kato

 In 1980, November, Takuya Kato is born in Tokyo. At the age of 12, he stands professionally for Wadaiko, and joins the establishment of the professional taiko group “Kosui”. From then, he performs as one of the main players in Kosui and participates in concerts such as School concerts and a variety of events which total up to more than a hundred per year in Japan.

  Apart from that, he teaches taiko as well as; composing, composition and direction of original taiko groups. Also, he positively takes part with sessions of “Tsugaru-jyamisen”, “Shino-bue”, “Koto” and Latin percussion.

  From 1999 he starts his work as a professional player, and from 2002 he joins the famous professional performing group “Tokyo Dageki-dan”. He then challenges for the original sounds and enrolled in the ensemble group “Soothe” which is a band which mixes the western music with the Japanese. Next, in 2004, he composes a group unit with his elder brother “Dato-shin”. He is now enthusiastically playing as an indivisual and group Wadaiko player.

Received Awards

1997: 12th Fuji-san taiko matsuri - Master award

1999/2000: Fuji-san oudaiko hitori-uchi contest – Prize winning

1999: Twin-link Motegi zenkoku sousaku taiko contest – Special award

2000: Twin-link Motegi zenkoku sousaku taiko contest – Second place

2001: 8th All Japan otaiko contest – Excellence award

Main Activities


Performs in all genres of taiko for example; concerts with main taiko teams, sessions with other genres of music, collaboration with various performers, as well as solo acts.

Both in and out of the county in a range of events, school concerts, hall concerts, parties and many other places he manages to tell the superior parts of wadaiko.

*In Japan: In the Belgium embassy/2002 FIFA world cup memorials/ TBS [Uta-ban (200th anniversary)]/ [Koushitsu Album] (TV program)/ Aichi Expo/ Hashizume Isao produce [Nano hana butai] etc.

*Over-seas:  Bali /GhanaMorocco/ MadagascarUgandaQatar/ Russia/ Thai/ Olympic culture exchange in Greece (Acro-polis)/ Philippines/ Caribbean sea tour/ Singapore/ UkraineLithuania/ Southern eastern Asia tour etc.


For taiko teams, private lessons and a variety of workshops.


 Compositions and lessons for taiko teams and individuals.